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A few years back, I came across a book. Fiction. A love triangle involving two guys and a girl – one, her best friend and the other, just friend and later boyfriend. The former tries to woe her and succeeds. However, at the end, he intentionally shows his own character in poor light and makes sure the girl goes back to the other guy. Why would he do that? What lesson can one probably take out of it?

Our sacrificer guy here, believed in bending laws for achieving success and had been through and through involved in anything and everything outside the bounds of legality. The other one though, was the typical ‘Ram’ of those old bolly flicks of the 70s – honest, hardworking and one who could fight for the truth till his last breathe. Both hated each other – the latter for the former’s illicit ways, and the former for the latter’s extreme sense of ethics. The girl, although disapproving of the former’s ways, stays her best friend as she had been since childhood. The other guy is whom she falls for. However, although the former succeeds in wooing her, he chooses to give her up to his antagonist. Why?

He loved her truly, and although he disliked the honest guy, his conscience knew who was the better man. Somewhere deep down, he felt he wasn’t the best thing that could happen to her. The other guy, was. And although he knew how impossible life would be without her, he decided to walk off, without any qualms whatsoever.

That precisely, defines true love! Sacrificing one’s own happiness for the other person’s happiness. Being concerned with the other person’s well being, more than that of the self. A deep retrospection would suggest that although difficult, this is indeed the purest form of love! For love means to give, rather than take, to love and to love unconditionally, rather than expect to be loved exactly equally in return. The parameters of ‘equality’ crossing all bounds of lunacy, in most cases!

The most real enemy of true love is ‘expectation’. The lover often starts expecting a little too much, in return for his love and that, in most cases, is the reason for all the blood shed.

‘ … Stop kidding me! You didn’t reply intentionally, the blue tick had appeared at 2:26 am! ‘

‘… It’s showing ‘online’, why on earth are you not replying? ‘

‘ … Are you sure he’s just your friend and nothing else?’

How many times does one come across such statements? One needs to realize the importance of giving space to the other person and to visualise things, while in the other person’s shoes. She might have been too sleepy when she saw the message, so din’t reply. He might have forgotten to turn off his computer, before leaving to see off his mom to the airport, hence wasn’t replying. So what? Why can’t we be a little more patient with everything?

A relationship must remain the beautiful rose garland it is meant to be, instead of the suffocating noose most people make it.

True love and selfishness can never co-exist. If you love her truly, you will care more for her happiness, than your own. On the contrary, if you care for your own happiness too much, you will end up stiffling her and the relationship, to death.

Love is life and life is all about love. Hence – love, live and let live!
Here’s wishing everyone a happy and a more sensible valentine’s day, 2016. 🙂

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